A blog without a questionmark !

Blogging is an interesting medium in an academic setting. It is popular form of scientific communication. You want to be clear and brief, but you also want to stick to the facts. Other academics no doubt have written about it more. I am just exploring it now in a personal capacity.

What I have learned from my first month on this personal site is that it needs more planning, so I can better link in sources and do a bit of research before mouthing off on a topic I am interested in. I am not unfamiliar with the work involved (I do it regularly for my work, and was trained as a student to always source material) but I find that I also need that on my personal site. In a way it has become a way of life.

This is true also for social media. I tend to be cautious in the way I communicate on Twitter, making sure I can link to authorative sources for instance, or formulating something in a more balanced professional way. In addition I try to avoid controversy, unless it is a question of ultimate justice. Just as I use my personal media, I should use my blogging opportunity as a grey zone between personal and professional, because you are never NOT a professional. Are you an academic? Then academic integrity also applies to your personal sphere or it would appear weird, not authentic. That is just my humble opinion.

In the weeks ahead I will be working with many departments in the university about how to handle expectation management in communities and in social media, both in and outside the university. It will be interesting to see if we find a solution for the grey zone that works for everybody.

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