House Rules

I intend to allow comments/reactions on my website, in particular at the blog. That requires some basic rules (as is my expertise).


It is simple really: behave as you would in my living room meeting me face to face, and I will too. I am generally speaking a very kind and welcoming host. This website exists for my personal pleasure, so try to keep it fun and light with the occasional political engagement where warranted.

The Extended Version

As there are always rules lawyers in any game, let me expand a little bit on my philosopy on community guidelines or house rules:

  1. The purpose of this website is to have a collection of my personal and work related portfolio. It is about me, and I am never wrong on me. However, if you wish to express your concern or opposition you can contact me at my office.
  2. You can say anything you want, but if you are not respectful, discriminate or otherwise make a nuisance of yourselves, I will remove the reaction, and if there is a repeat offence I will ban you before you can blink your eyes. That said, I welcome those that engage me on topics I care about.
  3. This is not a platform to promote your product. It is not okay to use my resources to increase your revenue or audience. That includes if you circumvent spam filters by appearing to be a genuine person with authentic behaviour. AI may not catch you, but I will.
  4. I own the copyrights of everything on this website. My opinions are my own too, and not those of my employer. If you wish to read my employer endorsed opinions and analyses, we have a very nice website.
  5. I can haz privacy policy as per GDPR.