Privacy Policy

Who I am?

My name is Tanja de Bie. My site addres is: I live in Leiden, the Netherlands, which is the site’s legal place of residence. You can find my contact details on this site.

What personal dat a do I gather and what do I do with it?

Please notice the details below and be aware of the fact that I have no intention of gathering information, but some of the software I use may do so regardless. If you are weary of some elements of the site, please contact me.

Reactions & Comments

If visitors leave comments on the site where possible, we will collect the data left in the contact form, which includes IP address of the visitor, the browser agent and whatever else is submitted. This will primarily be used to detect spam and then discarded again.

An anonymised string based on your email adres might be send to Gravatar if you so choose. After approval of your comment your profile picture will be visible.


Please be aware that if you are a registered user who is uploading pictures to the site, you should prevent to include data such as EXIF GPS location data. After all, visitors to the side can download pictures and access the location data.

Contact Forms


If you leave a reaction to our site, you may indicate whether or not we can store your name, your email address and ore, the site you contacted us from, for ease of use. The cookies will remain in place for a year.

If you visit our login page, we will use a temporary cookie to check your browser. This temporary cookie will not be stored and shall be deleted upon closing your browser.

As soon as you login, we will keep certain cookies for our login information and screen visuals. Login cookies will remain in place for 2 days, and screen opties for 1 year. If you select “Remember me” your login data will be perserved for 2 weeks. As soon as you logout of your account all cookies will be removed.

When you change a message or publish it, an additional cookie will be registered in your browser. This cookie does not contain any personal data and only contains a post ID of the article you updated. The cookie will transpire within 24 hours.

Contained content of other sites

Messages from this site can contain (embedded) content of other sites, e.a. video’s, images, messages etc.). Embedded content of other sites is treated the same as if user visited these other sites.

These sites can collect data, cookies, extra tracking of third parties and monitor your interaction with the closed content if you have an account while logged into this site.


This site might collect data from you to determine traffict and other insights, as part of data analytics. This is anonymised data.

Who do we share data with?

I do not share my data with anybody else, period. Google might retain some anonymised information based on the data analytics.

How long do we keep your data?

When you place a comment/reaction that content plus the meta data will be kept for ever. It means we can recognize follow up actions, and approve them instead of having to moderate them.

For users that register on our site, we also store personal data that you give us dring registering a profile. All users can access, adjust and remove their data. In addition Site admin can view and adjust the data.

What rights do you retain about your data?

If you have an account at my site, or you have left comments/reactions, you can request an export of all the personal data we retain. You can also request us to remove all personal data. This is excludes any data we are required to retain for administrative, legal or security reasons.

Where will we send your data?

It is possible we will send your reactions. comments to an automated spam prevention service.