Currently I am the first Leiden Troll Hunter. *coughs* I mean, I am a community manager, and platform expert, at the Centre for Innovation. If you want more background, read below. You can read my LinkedIn profile if you want my resume, and my portfolio is listed here.

Suffice to say that after working during holidays in administration as a student (yes, that type diploma came in handy in more ways than one) my first real job was at the Hoger Onderwijs persburerau as the archivist, also helping with the Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs.

After two years I switched to working for the Bijzondere Bijstand (social welfare) of the municipality of Leiden, where I introduced a few Taylor inspired automations of administrative work, and learned considerable more empathy for the Leiden populace. I moved on to a better job as a secretary at Home Care, where I climbed the ladder to become a teamleader of no less than 3 home care teams in Leiden North. Coaching and finances were the main drivers of the job. After a brief stint at a nursing home in The Hague (not a huge success), I worked at a small private home care company in Voorschoten for several years, dealing with planning, personnel issues and quality care as part of the management team. I left healthcare for various reasons, including being threatened by burnout and having to make different life choices due to having small children, and especially extra challenges they had. You can only stretch yourself so far. However, I must say that the squeezing of care by the government did play a large role as well. I am glad I got out when I did and my heart goes out in 2020 to all those care-takers the government treated as disposable.

My best decision ever was to start working at Leiden University in march 2010, starting as a management assistant at Academical Affairs for three days a week, and gradually building out. Working at the Bestuursburo for 5 years has given me a wide view of Leiden Unviersity and its inner workings. Among the proud projects I have supported in the past were various Strategic Conferences, the introduction of iPads at the management level of the Bestuursburo, the quality Instellingsaudit and of course, the start of MOOCs, which ended with me being offered a full time job as a project coordinator at the Centre for Innovation in 2015. I think I might write a blog about the origin story of my life as Leiden troll hunter one day, a special story for a rainy day.