After a round of Montessori and Jenaplan schools I went to a rather conservative but high quality highschool then named Albanianae (after the Roman settlement in Alphen a/d Rijn) where I did HAVO and then VWO while enjoying such activities like organising museum trips, painting huge replica’s of famous works, organising parties and writing for the highschool paper Albi. I don’t think I worked particularly hard (as my history teacher tersely reminded me at graduation), but I did enjoy myself.

While originally I wanted to go to the School of Journalism in 1988, I ended up doing History at Leiden University in 1990 instead, dropping out when my eldest arrived to start my career early in 1996. Bread on the table trumps education. I specialised in Social History and American Studies, but have later picked up a taste for Early Modern History as well. My father’s interest in family history has also helped form my historical skills.

I have done a post HBO health management programme when I worked in healthcare, where I especially enjoyed the aspect of teamcoaching, but also learned to get a better grip on economics (I already did ” Bedrijfseconomie” at the law department of my university earlier).

Since then I’ve done too many MOOCs too count properly. My first certificate was for Gamification by Kevin Werbach in 2013, and little did I know then that I would be helping make MOOCs myself later on. I like the renaissance aspect of doing just anything that interests me, with my wide variation in tastes. History, Law, Linguistics and Mindfulness remain my favourite topics.