Extracurricular Activities

There is a lot I enjoy in my private life, but it usually centers around reading (anything from historical romance novels to SciFi), writing, gardening and roleplaying games in some form or other. Here are some highlights for my resume that didn’t quite make LinkedIn.

  • I ran a succesful campaign at my primary school to save the seals, raising money for Greenpeace. Was a fervant member of WWF Rangers.
  • I was an editor at my highschool newspaper Albi for several years. I learned that the best read articles were opinions & gossip. Also, bullies can be bullied back if you write about them. The pen is mightier than the sword.
  • I was part of the art committee at highschool. We did everything from recreating famous artworks to organizing trips to museums (paid for by the municipality, brilliant really, I love secret stashes of money everybody forgot about).
  • I was the praeses of the History Mentoraat in my 2nd year. I have fond memories of organizing a study trip to Brugge, and a less serious one to Paris (actually, that one might feature under nightmares).
  • Together with a good friend I organised an alternative study trip to Prague for a small group of history students interested in Central European history.
  • I was the Thesaurier and swordkeeper of HD Damocles in my 2nd year. Very secret and bloody swearing in ceremony. Since then, each holiday MUST contain a castle.
  • In 1992 I helped occupy the Leiden Humanities Lipsius building, protesting measures by the Education minister. We had over 800 solidarity signatures, including that of Minerva’s board,. We repeated it in 1994 by occupying the Bestuursbureau at Stationsplein. Don’t ever say Leiden doesn’t do activism. I also learned I operate better in support than in the frontline, and dropped my youthful ambitions to become a war correspondent.
  • I was very active in the board of the Leiden Student Union for several years (first called VSL due to historic roots, but later dubbed LSB, part of LSVb), where we fought not just for our finances, but education quality.
  • I was part of the OLC of History, overlapping with my time at the LSB board.
  • In the period 1993-1994 I was the Questor and later Praeses of St De Pelikaan, better known as “de Pelibar”, also serving as bartender and promo team member up to 1996. This not only gave me some commercial insights, but helped me to perfect methods of organizing and activism, and the key insight of “Het Inleveren Van De Sleutelbos Van Het Fusthok” as a way to put pressure on higher management.
  • I helped found in 1998 and was vice president of the Amethyst Alliance IRPG, a large RPG resource website (1500+ users), that later changed its name. I was also the lead editor of the accompanying ezine Amethyst Circle (and interviewed such people as Gary Gygax, who called me Moonlady and Terry Pratchett, who likened me to a librarian (?!). We had many more exciting writers contribute).
  • For 3 years me and some friends ran a table top D&D campaign in the self build world of Tazlure. I brought this setting online together with some of these friends, and it ran as a large online roleplaying game in forums (PBP) for 9 years. We went to dinner with most Dutch founding members when it closed. I also helped found and maintain the game Age of Intrigue for many years. In both cases I enjoyed meeting staff and players all over the world. Friendships made online are real.
  • Together with co workers I created the Mindful Garden and later the Urban Jungle at the Schouwburgstraat of Leiden University in my 20% time. Yes, we have 20% time just like Google. I work in digital innovation remember? And yes, I can connect this to digital work. I think if it was not for our sustainability & mindfulness efforts I doubt we would have learned so much about working online in time for the pandemic. Lets have a cup of coffee if you want to explore how that played out.