A New Name; A New Life

This will be the last time in this blog that I mention Centre for Innovation (CFI). After an illustrious 10 year career, the CFI merged with ICLON HO to form a new central department called the Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre (LLInC) in 2023. You can read more about it on our website.

Not only have I been fighting in the representative democracy for the position of our staff, our numbers and our position (and I am now the newly elected chair of the Employee Council of LLInC), but the work that I was used to doing changed fundamentally. All of us at LLInC have had to adjust, in some way or other to work on a central level directly for the campus, reinventing ourselves and our services. For myself I now employ the expertise I have gained over 10 years in online education to guide policy on Life Long Learning in all its different aspects. MOOCs, Virtual Exchange, Prof Ed, it all works together. Plus we work with all seven faculties, in a networked organization. What that means we are finding out together.

Of course everybody wants all our services yesterday, even though LLInC only started 1st of January 2023, and didn’t get much of a head start in the preparations. We keep having to ask for patience and empathy. Overall though what gives me optimism is the way in which our 448 year old university is on the move towards a blended university. Things are changing in a dynamic way. Much like our start in 1575.

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